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maralnor MWModAre the dynamic map coming back? :)
DeVcon1 MWAdmin  As Soon as the spigot build is up and running, then the map eill be back.
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Volimance VIPPre-2 server is being a little nicer with the time out stuff, but not much nicer. May I suggest that you set gamerule keepinventotry to true? It sucks logging on and getting blown up by a creeper and then being timed out all in a tenth of a second.
DeVcon1 MWAdmin  Already done mate , you keep inventory on death now. :)
Volimance VIPDev, are you planning on keeping the pre-release world when 1.13 actually drops?
DeVcon1 MWAdmin  Im not sure at this time, will wait and see closer to the date.
Volimance VIPTime to jump back in. I was waiting for server play until after the 1.13 update.
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DeVcon1 MWAdminHey all, we now have a live 1.13 Pre-1 vanilla minecraft server up and running. Take note it is a pre version and not the finished version, so the world and saves may change at any time. Also there is no protection as its pure vanilla.

If you wish to play it in this stage then you may join the server using

vanillamwcraft devcon1 info
Regards DeV
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badlad2000 MWMod  created a new thread I have an idea!!! in the Random Server Topics forum
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DeVcon1 MWAdminThe End has been reset in main mwcraft.
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